Asal IBRAHIM, Master student in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development (24, Jordan)

Ibrahim Asal

Asal Ibrahim is pioneering an innovative project which is changing the way solar energy is collected. By creating a more powerful, efficient and accessible method, she aims to contribute to energy demands and increase the share of renewable energy in the Middle East.


Research focus: Lens-based Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) collector (a modified design of a CSP collector using Fresnel lenses)

After studying Electrical Engineering with a focus on Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) systems and now Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development, Asal Ibrahim is working on a project which aims to develop a solar collector that uses lenses to concentrate solar energy and produce heat that can be used in different applications: electricity generation, water desalination, heating and industrial steam production.

“Over the last few years, my confidence has increased, and I feel strongly that I have the right combination of motivation and creative ideas to make an important contribution to the international society, especially in terms of environment sciences and politics,” Ibrahim says.

The innovative part of the system lies in replacing the reflectors in the traditional CSP system with Fresnel lenses. The lenses are around 25 % more powerful than a traditional clear lens; therefore, concentrating solar light to the receiver rather than reflecting it. The results maximise efficiency and minimise the initial cost and land use.

The system can also be easily installed in remote areas where the connection to a nearby grid is either inapplicable or unreliable.

Asal has participated in several local and international competitions. Her major accomplishments include: First place winner of the scientific day at the Hashemite University, 2012; Semi-Finalist at the MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab region business plan competition, Abu Dhabi, 2012; Finalist at Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship competition, Amman, 2012; and Second Place winner of the Arab Technology Business Plan Competition, Cairo, 2013.

The jury highlighted Ibrahim’s innovative contribution to the science of Concentrated Solar Power. Without such promising technical developments the vision of a post-fossil age will remain unfulfilled. Not only helps Ibrahim to build bridges to a sustainable future, she also forges links between Germany and the Arab World through her commitment for the German-Jordanian society. Ibrahim’s results are all the more impressive taken into consideration that she is a very young researcher.