Third Conference (C3)

The third Indo-German Conference on Science for Sustainability was held at the IIT Delhi, New Delhi, India on 3 and 4 February 2010, back-to-back with the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS 2010). The goal of the 3rd Indo-German Conference was to define strategic common areas between India and Germany in the fields of “water” and “waste management” research and development and to build a network between key actors. The networks are expected to generate research, development and innovation alliances for the better use of scientific and technological knowledge.

Title: Science and Technology - Drivers for a Common Future
3rd Indo-German Conference on Research for Sustainability (C3): Water and Waste Management

Venue: IIT Delhi, New Delhi, Back-to-back with DSDS 2010
Date: 3 and 4 February 2010


German Delegation (CV reader)

Indian Delegation (CV reader)

Participant List

German Federal President Horst Köhler together with the participants of the sustainability conference in New Delhi:

Group photo (download)
Photo of Presidential Visit (Source: K.-U. Rudolph) (download)

During the course of his official state visit to India, (then) German Federal President, Horst Köhler met the participants of the 3rd Indo-German Conference on Research for Sustainability in New Delhi, and displayed great interest in this type of cooperation. Water and Waste Management were the central themes of the 3rd Indo-German Conference on Research for Sustainability, which was jointly convened by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) on 3 and 4 February in New Delhi.

State Secretary Dr. T. Ramasami (DST) in his opening speech emphasized the need for joint research, development and innovation. He is especially concerned with the widening gap between the increasing demand for water and the decreasing availability of water - a problem further exacerbated by climate change.

Experts also shared their experiences in the field of Waste Management. Discussions revealed that in India, only about 20% of waste is recycled or reutilised, while Germany is approaching 100%. The government of India would like to see waste utilized as a resource and a source of energy in the future. In addition to technological and social issues, there are questions regarding the financing of Waste and Water Management.

Over a period of two days, the 65 researchers and experts from both countries exchanged their knowledge and experience. This will allow the possibility of future joint research projects. German researchers and industry groups can become leading technology partners of India through their past approaches to problems such as water supply or waste management.

Presentations and Abstracts:

1. Introduction

  • Introducing Germany and India – Drivers for a Sustainable Future (introduction)
    Dr. W. Junker
    German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Germany
  • Sustainability Science: Building a New Academic Discipline (presentation)
    Prof. K. Takeuchi
    United Nations University, Institute for Sustainability and Peace, University of Tokyo

2. Water

  • Research on Water Management, Technologies in Germany (presentation)
    Prof. Dr. Dr. K.-U. Rudolph
    University of Witten/Herdecke, Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management, Germany
  • Research on Water Management Technologies in India (presentation)
    Prof. A. K. Gosain
    Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Civil Engineering Department, India
  • Water research in the EU 7th FP and opportunities for international S&T cooperation with India (presentation)
    Dr. P. de Taxis du Poët
    Delegation of the European Union to India
  • Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources & Adaptation Strategies (presentation)
    Prof. A. K. Gosain
    Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Civil Engineering Department, India
  • Irrigation Water Efficiencies (presentation)
    Mr. M. Gopalakrishnan
    International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), New Delhi, India
  • Water Franchise, a New Option for Sustainable Financing & Operations of Water Efficiency (presentation)
    Dipl.-Oec. D. Gregarek
    GWFA Global Water Franchise Agency, Germany
  • Water Reuse Technologies (presentation)
    Prof. Dipl.-Ing. F. Bischof
    University of Applied Sciences - Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Germany
  • Sewage Treatment: Experience in India (presentation)
    Dr. V. Tare
    IIT Kanpur, India
  • Valuables from Wastewater (presentation)
    PD Dr. J. Clemens
    Bonn University, INRES, Plant Nutrition, Germany 
  • Energy from Wastewater (presentation)
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. N. Dichtl, Dipl.-Geoecol. K. Bauerfeld
    TU Braunschweig, Germany
  • Water and Waste Water GIS Infrastructure Development of Delhi (presentation)
    Mr. M. G. G. Kumar
    Additional Surveyor General Project, Director DSSDI Project, India
  • New Initiatives on Watershed Based - River Pollution Management (presentation)
    Mr. B. Sikka
    National Revier Conservation Directorate, Ministry of Environment and Forests, India
  • Decentralised Sanitation Systems (presentation)
    Dr. rer.nat. M. Defrain, Dr.-Ing. E. Dorgeloh
    RWTH Aachen University, Germany
  • Information Systems using Remote Sensing in Integrated Water Resources Management, IWRM (presentation)
    Dr. C. Künzer
    DLR German Aerospace Centre, Germany
  • Environmental Flow Assessment (presentation)
    Dr. J. K. Bassin
    NEERI, Zonal Office Delhi, India
  • Water Education and Training: A key to achieve MDG 7 (presentation)
    Dr. B. Neupane
    UNESCO, Delhi Office, India
  • Indian Water Media: An Introduction (presentation)
    Mr. S. Sehti
    Water Digest Pvt. Ltda, Delhi, India

3. Waste Management

  • Solid Waste Management - from “end of pipe” to sustainable solutions (presentation)
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Kranert
    University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Research on Waste Management, Technologies in India (presentation)
    Dr. Tapan Chakrabarti
    NEERI, Nagpur, India 
  • Sustainable Development through Process Intensification (presentation)
    Dr. K. L. Wasewar
    VNIT, Nagpur, India
  • Climate Change and Waste Management (presentation)
    Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs
    Berlin Free University, Germany
  • Megacities of Tomorrow – a Challenge for Solid Waste Management (presentation)
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Kranert, MSc. N. Escalante, Dipl.-Geogr. A. Rymkiewicz
    University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Management waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) (presentation)
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vera Susanne Rotter
    Berlin Technical University, Germany
  • Environmentally Sound Management of E-waste and Practices of Recycling/ Recovery of Valuables from E-waste (presentation)
    Mr. N. K. Verma
    Central Pollution Control Board, Ministry of Environment & Forests Govt. of India and State Pollution Control, India
  • Environmental Risk Assessment of Waste Disposal Facilities (presentation)
    Mr. A. K. Nema
    Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India 
  • Biogas – a Sustainable Technology for Decentralized and Centralized Waste Management Systems (presentation)
    Prof. Dr. M. Nelles and Prof. Dr.-Ing. F. Scholwin
    University of Rostock, Germany
  • Biological Waste Management - Luxury or Necessity? (presentation)
    Prof. Dr. W. Bidlingmaier, Dipl.-Ing. C. Springer
    Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany
  • Municipal Solid Waste Management - Excel’s Experience (presentation)
    Dr. Javadekar, Excel Industries Ltda, Mumbai, India  
  • Hydrogen production from organic waste (presentation)
    Prof. Dr.-Ing R. Widmann, Dipl.-Ing. B. Keser
    University of Duisburg-Essen, Department of Urban Water and Waste Management, Germany
  • Biogas from Waste (presentation)
    Prof. Dr. G. Busch
    Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany
  • Bioethanol Preparation from MSW Organic Wastes: Advanced Pretreatment Processes for Lignocellulosic Wastes (presentation)
    Dr. Prince William
    Environmental Engineering Research Institute Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Division, NEERI, India
  • Gasification of Solid Wastes (presentation)
    Dr. A. N.Vaidya
    Solid and Hazardous Waste management Division, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, NEERI, India
  • Waste to energy – waste as an energy source (presentation)
    Prof. Dr.-Ing.habil. Dr.h.c. B. Bilitewski
    Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
  • Biodegradation of MSW Landfills (presentaion)
    Mr. S. Mathur
    Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
  • Landfill Technologies - Construction and Operation of Landfills (presentation)
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. H.-G. Ramke
    University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Campus Höxter, Germany
  • Creating CO2-Credits by MSW Management Measures (presentation)
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. K. Fricke, Dipl. Ing. Almas Haider, Dipl.-Ing. Anita Wiesbaum
    Technical University Braunschweig, Germany
  • Occupational Safety and Health Risk Assessment of Workers in Solid Waste Management - Experiences from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (abstract), (presentation)
    Ms. Daniela Bleck
    Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), Germany
  • Occupational Health Hazards in Municipal Solid Waste Management (presentation)
    Mr. J. K. Bhattacharyya
    NEERI, Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Division, Nagpur, India 
  • Dumpsite Closure, Gas Tapping and Bioreactor Landfill (presentation)
    Mr. A. N. Purandare
    Eco Designs India Private Limited

4. Summary and Recommendations

  • Results and Recommendations (abstract)
    PD Dr. L. Mennicken
    International Bureau of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Germany



Indo-German Research for Sustainability Conference: Proceedings

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10th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS)

Venue: Taj Palace, New Delhi
Time: 5-7 February 2010