Research Stay

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Bring your research to the next level when you are invited to return for a fully-funded research stay. Spend up to three months at a German facility of your own choice. Gain new experiences in an inspiring environment and advance your professional career while establishing long-lasting relationships.

Having spent impressive two-weeks in Germany, the Green Talents are invited to return the year after the Science Forum. The research stay can be up to three months long and can be conducted at a research institute, university or company of the participant’s own choice. It is up to the young scientists to identify a suitable host, to contact them and to agree on a time period as well as on a research topic with them. The individual expert meetings can already help in this regard. Nevertheless, the Green Talents are free to not only work at one of the stations they visited during the forum, but at any other German facility that will accept them. However, a splitting of the term or a switch of hosts is not possible.

Just like the forum, the research stay is fully financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). These benefits include the flights to and from Germany as well as a monthly allowance which covers all living expenses (accommodation, insurances, food, public transport etc.). The allowance is not supposed to provide direct research funding but to enable the participant to support himself during the stay. In order to evaluate the outcome of the initiative, the Green Talents are afterwards requested to hand in a report about the work conducted in Germany and if their previously set goals were achieved.

The research stay is a unique opportunity for the young talents to explore their skills in a new, inspiring environment and to identify valuable collaboration partners for the future. Germany welcomes them with excellent living conditions and top-class research facilities. It is therefore not surprising that some Green Talents have seized the chance to stay here after their visit and are now working at renowned German institutes, universities and companies.