Dr Akintunde BABATUNDE (Nigeria)

Akintunde is an expert in systems and processes for sustainable water engineering and associated links with bioenergy. He has received funding for his research from various sources including the water industry.

PhD in Civil Engineering

Current position: Associate Professor University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Research focus: sustainable water engineering and bioenergy

After his participation in the Green Talents programme, he received the prestigious Irish Research Council Marie Curie Fellowship award (2010) and was appointed a Member of Council of the Society of Environmental Engineers, United Kingdom, in 2012. He was re-elected in 2016.

2012 Selected as Welsh Crucible
2012 Member of Council of the Society of Environmental Engineers (United Kingdom)
2010 Irish Research Council Marie Curie Fellowship Award

CV as submitted for the Green Talents award (2009):

University College Dublin, Ireland

Research focus: wastewater treatment

Nigerian researcher Akintunde Babatunde has been working at University College Dublin in Ireland since 2004, initially as a PhD student, now as a research project manager and postdoctoral research engineer. For his dissertation, he conceptualized, designed and developed a novel tidal-flow constructed wetland system for wastewater treatment using alum sludge as the main substrate. The system cleans water using a widely available industrial by-product (alum sludge).

It also uses a passive aeration process (aeration is a regular part of sewage treatment), which requires less energy than traditional, mechanical aeration. The system could be used in a number of settings, including remote areas, industries, farms or hotels. Babatunde impressed the jury with his multifaceted scientific activities, including several memberships in scientific associations, and his activity as a reviewer for scientific journals. In Germany, Babatunde seeks not only contacts to scientists, but also to the business world, as he hopes to eventually market his design with the help of an industry partner.