Dr Shu-Yuan PAN (Taiwan)

Shu-Yuan’s current research group focuses on the GREAT (Green Research for Environmental and Agricultural Technologies) work, including (1) valorisation of agricultural waste by energy-efficient electrokinetic separation processes, (2) development of advanced waste-derived materials in green infrastructure for enhanced removal of nutrients from stormwater, and (3) optimisation of food-water-energy-land nexus by spatial life cycle assessment.

PhD in Environmental Engineering

Current position: Assistant Professor at National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Research focus: circular bioeconomy, precision separation, agriculture waste valorization 

Shu-Yuan was listed in World’s Top 2% Scientists in the field of Earth & Environmental Sciences (2020-2021), and awarded the Young Scholars Fellowship (the Einstein Programme) by Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan (2019).  

He published a book entitled “CO2 Mineralization and Utilization” (2017), and holds several issued patents.

CV as submitted for the Green Talents award (2013):

Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Research focus: assessing and developing sustainable organic fuel and other renewable energies; CO2 capture and utilisation using industrial wastes

Shu-Yuan Pan is looking to change the way cities, especially his native Taipei, use energy and power.

Chinese researcher Shu-Yuan Pan is involved in an area of sustainability research that is not easily explained but that concerns everyone, especially those living in modern cities. His goal is to change an aspect of our everyday lives that we tend to take for granted: “combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) and district heating and power (DHP) systems,” as he says. Moreover, he is looking towards renewable energies to discover how current systems in cities could be replaced by more efficient and sustainable mechanisms that would have less of an impact on the environment.

Pan started his academic career at the National Taiwan University where he received a BA degree in Geography in Climate Change Impacts on sea flow and fishery. He then pursued an MA in Environmental Engineering, eventually ending up completing a PhD in the same research field. Currently, he is also working on “development and assessment of CO2 fixation process by accelerated carbonation of industrial alkaline wastes in different types of reactors.” Along the way, he managed to win an MA thesis award and the Best Research Competition Award from the Southern California Chinese-American Environmental Protection Association (SCCAEPA).

“Increasingly scarce natural resources and increasing burdens on the environment make me think about which approach we should take in terms of clean production and green consumption,” says Pan. “I believe that integration for innovation is the key to a sustainable future.”

Pan most impressed the Green Talents jury with his competent scientific experience at a very young age, his focus on topics with the potential of large-scale industrial utilisation and his extensive list of publications.