Tayebeh ZINATI SHOA, MA Water Resource Engineering (Iran)

With a clear goal in mind, Tayebeh Zinati Shoa is looking to use her knowledge and creativity to improve and help to further sustainability in an often overlooked, but important, sector: Water Resource Management.


Research focus: Integrated Water Resources Management, with the goal of developing innovative water resource management technologies in urban areas

Most of the world does not pay enough attention when it comes to the use of water resources. However, still a large part of the world either has no sufficient clean water, or struggles to have access to any water at all. With this in mind, Tayebeh Zinati Shoa has set herself the goal of using her expertise in Water Resource Engineering to think up new technologies that help to discover, use, and distribute water resources more efficiently and in a sustainable manner.

In particular, Zinati Shoa is researching, as she says, “effective rainwater harvesting through i.a. restoration of ponds in order to modify the existing drainage system in urban areas”. In fact, her current research project focuses on the IKIA Airport City (a new city with an area over 14 000 ha around the International Airport near Tehran) in her native country, Iran. More specifically, she is researching a more “sustainable structure for rainwater harvesting” at IKIA Airport City.

Zinati Shoa has a BA in Natural Resources Engineering and an MA in Water Resources Engineering from Tehran University, with numerous courses done abroad. Currently, she is working for Rah Shahr International Group, which is a multidisciplinary engineering firm in the fields of architecture, urban planning, civil engineering, infrastructure and energy; it is also one of the renowned leaders in sustainable development in Iran both at architectural and urban scales working respectively according to green standards like LEED and SmartCode.

The jury honoured Zinati Shoa’s scientific work and highlights, especially the integrative examination of financial, ecological and social effects of urban water resource management. Awarding her as a Green Talent shall encourage and support Zinati Shoa on her research path.