Dr Martin AGYEMANG (Ghana)

Martin’s research focuses on sustainable supply chain, circular economy, and e-commerce within the context of decision making and game theory.

PhD in Environmental Management

Current position: Assistant Research Professor at the New Huadu Business School, Minjiang University, China

Research focus: sustainable supply chain, circular economy, and e-commerce

Martin’s PhD research project assessed the opportunities for redesign of complex global supply chains to enhance environmental sustainability in the cashew industry of West Africa.

CV as submitted for the Green Talents award (2014):

Dalian University of Technology, China

Research focus: sustainable supply chain management

A truly internationally-minded talent, Martin Agyemang is currently drawing on his extensive experiences to bring fresh momentum to the discourse on Sustainable Supply Chain Management in West Africa.

As a proponent of the view that only a truly international approach will serve to achieve Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM), Martin has followed his own advice. He studied not only in his home country of Ghana for a BA at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, but also in the UK for an MSc at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has also attended summer courses in Hungary and the USA, and is now in China, where he is a PhD student at the Dalian University of Technology. From this international – and interdisciplinary – academic background, Martin has arrived at his current research focus: SSCM in the global cashew industry, with a keen interest in the African Cashew industry.

Martin believes that the major challenge in the field of SSCM is “how to measure the true impacts of supply chains”. The development of sustainable practices, indicators and concrete goals is the objective of his PhD research project, for which he has chosen to focus on the African cashew industry as an extended case study. In doing so, he is furthering the knowledge base of SSCM practice and bringing to the field the valuable perspective of the developing-world. He is especially concerned with strengthening commitment to the social and environmental arms of sustainability, which he feels have so far not been of equal value as the economic pillar. Martin is also eager to widen the discourse in this area, as his diverse international experiences have convinced him that, “to achieve true sustainability we need a broad worldview”. Critical reflections and alternative worldviews, such as those presented in neo-Confucian philosophy, have been an interest for his studies in China, which he feels have enriched his understanding of the industry.

The jury was impressed with Martin’s academic record and his commitment to widening the discourse on sustainability to become more inclusive and holistic.