Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE

Founded on the 1st of July 1981 by Prof. Adolf Goetzberger, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE became the largest solar research institute in Europe and one of the most important initiators for the research in renewable energies worldwide. Fraunhofer ISE and its 1,100 employees are working on holistic concepts in the field of solar energy and focus on cooperations with industry partners.

With the vision of contributing to a more sustainable, secure and economic energy supply, Fraunhofer ISE operates research and development in many different fields. Based in Freiburg, employees develop technical solutions for the economic use of renewable energy sources to contribute to the competitiveness of their customers and to raise the acceptance of sustainable energy systems in society.

Wide range of business areas
– Since Fraunhofer ISE is also focusing on contributing to the energy system of the future, their holistic approach aims to develop technologies by pursuing practically oriented means of research and thus maximising the interaction between different business areas. Their portfolio includes five different business areas. Photovoltaics, one of the main drivers for successful energy transformation. Solar Thermal Technology, another key factor for a transition in sustainable energy. Building Energy Technology, because the building sector still causes a high energy demand. And Hydrogen Technologies as a means of renewable energy sources and energy system technology as one of the most important fields for energy transformation.

Several business units – In addition to the wide range of activity in research and development work, Fraunhofer ISE offers clients testing and certification services. The service portfolio currently consists of six different accredited testing units: TestLab Solar Thermal Systems, TestLab Solar Façades, TestLab PV Modules, TestLab Power Electronics and the Calibration Unit with CalLab PV Cells and CalLab PV Modules. These facilities also have a research function.

Sustainability as an investment for the future
– At the headquarters in Freiburg, all signs point towards research in sustainability. This is also a key factor in terms of cooperating with both the Fraunhofer Institute and the Albert-Ludwigs-University located in Freiburg. Additionally, the Fraunhofer Society has founded the inter- and transdisciplinary Sustainability Center Freiburg and thereby strengthened this important issue in the organisation.