Germanwatch is an independent development and environmental NGO, which is based in Bonn and Berlin and was founded in 1991. Its objective is to exert influence on public policy regarding environmental protection as well as relations between countries in the Global North and South. Germanwatch campaigns to create an environment that assures a sustainable future, especially to marginalised people threatened by unbridled globalisation and loss of their ecological and economic livelihoods.

In an effort to achieve these goals, Germanwatch advocates for fair trade relations, responsible financial markets, obedience to human rights, and the prevention of dangerous climate change. Topics that are being addressed include World Trade and Food Security, Climate Protection and Adaptation, Corporate Accountability, the Financial Sector and Sustainability as well as the Financing of Development Cooperation.

The organisation gathers various sets of economic and social data to develop position papers, often in cooperation with other NGOs. In their work, trade in food, agricultural policy, climate change, and corporate accountability are of particular interest.

Climate Change Performance Index

To enhance transparency of global climate politics, the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) was developed and is now being published annually by Germanwatch, CAN International and the NewClimate Institute. The goal is to increase political and social pressure on those countries that have, up until now, failed to take ambitious action on climate protection and highlight countries with best-practice climate policies.
Through a standardised approach, the index evaluates and compares the climate protection performance of the 56 countries plus the EU, which account for more than 90% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Another index developed by Germanwatch is the Global Climate Risk Index.