Green Talent Nkulumo publishes a book as a product of his Research Stay

Green Talent Nkulumo Zinyengere publishes a book together with his supervisor and co-editor Prof. Ifejika Speranza at the University of Bonn during his three months Research Stay.

Beyond Agricultural Impacts - Multiple Perspectives on Climate Change in Africa - presents the theories and methods commonly applied in climate change assessment from various locations in Africa, also inspiring further research that addresses the broad spectrum of societal impacts that result from altered climate status. Using case studies, the work provides insights into climate change impacts and adaptation with a lens on vulnerable groups in African agriculture, e.g. smallholder crop and livestock farmers, women and youth. The book also highlights areas of further interest in climate change and agriculture research in Africa, all done through views from multiple disciplines in the agriculture and climate change nexus.  

The book was published on 23rd of June 2017 and is available in Paperback and eBook form on the publisher´s site here:

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