Alexandr ISCENCO (Moldova)

Alexandr’s research focuses on the use of gamification and economic incentives to stimulate eco-friendly behaviour, as well as on the contribution of citizens and organisations to sustainable development and environment protection in cities, regions, or countries.

MSc in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Current position: Co-Founder and Strategy and Research Coordinator at Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA), Moldova

Research focus: synergy of psychology, technology and ecology for sustainable development

After receiving the award he continued his research at the Institute of Ecological Economics in Berlin and established the Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA) in Moldova. He has earned certificates from several universities and was awarded the Klaus Toepfer Fellowship from 2015 to 2017. Alexandr is also the co-founder of 3D Magic Makers.

2019 Energy Globe World Award, category Youth
2015 National winner and international finalist in the ClimateLaunchpad competition by Climate-KIC
2015 Klaus Toepfer Fellowship by German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
2014 Youth Award from Ministry of Youth and Sport, Moldova

CV as submitted for the Green Talents award (2013):

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Research focus: environmental economics, management, sustainability, and entrepreneurship

As a young entrepreneur, Alexandr Iscenco is completely engrossed in environmental economics, management and sustainability. Together with two colleagues he co-founded a company, “Dreamups”, where he is striving to bring together, in his words, a “global movement of makers to create and multiply simple solutions for a dream and sustainable world”.

Alexandr Iscenco approached environmental management and the growing need for sustainability with a hands-on approach. Together with two colleagues he co-founded a company looking for a global, innovative, and effective way to help bring sustainability to the foreground with simple and open solutions. Dreamups tackles, for instance, our addiction to plastic by using plastic bottles to create an irrigation system. Other projects that the company has ‘dreamed up’ are: a recycled wheelchair, a plastic garden, a solar bottle light bulb and other “eco-innovations”.

His academic career started with a BA in World Economics at the University of Foreign Languages and International Business in Moldova, followed by another BA in International Economic Relations at the Free International University of Moldova. Eventually, this led him to pursue his current passion at the University of Copenhagen: an MSc degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. In addition, Iscenco benefitted from a number of programmes on environmental management and leadership at the University of California in Berkeley, USA, and the Regional Environment Centre in Hungary.

Iscenco’s current activity is connected to developing Dreamups as a global platform with open innovations which impact the establishment of the Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA) in his home country.

The jury highlighted Iscenco’s work in the field of crowd sourced eco-innovations and sustainable solutions. Iscenco convinced the jury with his impact-orientated approach to research and his international focus. His outstanding ambitions to make research results accessible and practicable to the public are of great importance. Without multipliers and entrepreneurs for sustainable solutions like him a transformation to a sustainable society will not be possible.