Bruno’s mission is to bring sustainability debates to a wider mainstream audience through a citizen-led movement that pushes for policy reforms.

MPhil in Conservation Leadership

Current position: Director of Conservamos por Naturaleza, Peru

Research focus: designing and implementing laws and policies for biodiversity conservation, sustainable management of fragile ecosystems, protection of endangered species

In 2012 Bruno founded Conservamos por Naturaleza, a platform that supports grassroots conservation initiatives and empowers citizen-led projects that create positive impacts in communities. His engagement includes the organisation of collective action, from national beach clean-up to campaigns involving 7.000 people in reforestation efforts based on crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding schemes. In collaboration with the National Surfing Federation he was able to pass the first law in the world focused on the protection of waves.

2020-2021 Edinburgh Ocean Leaders

CV as submitted for the Green Talents award (2013):

Conservamos por Naturaleza, Peru

Research focus: environmental law and conservation leadership with the goal of creating a more sustainable society

As a young Peruvian with a degree from Cambridge under his belt, Bruno Monteferri is planning on storming the world in a visible way with one mission in mind: bring sustainability to everyone.

Bruno Monteferri has a mission: to mainstream sustainability and conservation debates into wider audiences through a citizen-led movement. First, however, policy-makers have to be reached and institutional changes need to be made. Then, through policy reforms, he believes that this will lead to “more sustainable lifestyles, as well as wiser uses of the land and natural resources”.

Monteferri has already managed to take the first step on his mission by creating ‘Conservamos por Naturaleza’, with the support of the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law (SPDA). is an initiative that aims to mobilise and motivate Peruvians to build a ‘Natural Peru’ through inspiring videos, chronicles and collaborative tasks that create an active community that leads through example and pushes for policy reforms.

After Monteferri finished his BA degree in Law and Environmental Law at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, he completed numerous courses in Environmental Law and Integrated Coastal Marine Management. Eventually, he gained his MPhil in Conservation Leadership at Cambridge University in the UK.

Awarding Monteferri, the jury emphasised his application-oriented research commitment. With his ambition to make sustainability and the protection of natural resources achievable, also at a local level, he tackles essential up-to-date questions.