Dr Yuan Li publishes a book

Chinese Green Talents awardee 2012 Dr Yuan Li, research scientist at Wake Forest University, USA, publishes a book.

Dr Yuan Li’s Ph.D thesis was highlighted in Nature Photonics. His work was selected as “Outstanding Ph.D Research” by Springer and published as a book in 2012. It summarizes the progress that has been made in designing and constructing three-dimensional solar cells, which have gained popularity owing to their excellent light-collection capabilities and high efficiency. The text describes how analytical tools such as equivalent circuit models, ray-tracing optics and absorber spectral response can be used to assess a cell's key parameters, such as its short-circuit current, open-circuit voltage, fill factor and external quantum efficiency. Three-dimensional solar cells that exploit fiber bundles, tandem designs, dye-sensitized tubes and zinc oxide nanorods are discussed.
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