Peter Sänger

“Today’s challenges to protect our planet and our society are tremendous and more critical in time than ever. Beneath the gloomy outlook climate change also offers opportunities for positive change. It is truly important that people, especially the scientific and entrepreneurial newcomers, are able to think and act on a new level. Competitions and formats like Green Talents can support and boost these initiatives.”

CEO & Co-Founder of Green City Solutions GmbH

Peter Sänger is Executive Managing Director of Green City Solutions GmbH. Green City Solutions is a greentech pioneer that develops, manufactures, and sells biotech filtering devices to remove fine dust from the air. In their devices, called CityTrees, they combine moss’ natural ability to clean air with sensor technology to measure air quality and control ventilation and irrigation. They also run a moss farm where they grow the moss for their devices. Peter Sänger founded Green City Solutions in 2014 at the age of 23 together with his friend Liang Wu. Peter Sänger leads the business and product development processes and develops new products for the market (e.g., devices that can be integrated into the walls of buildings). He led several venture capital raises and is responsible for investor relations.

Peter Sänger studied at the Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTW Dresden). He earned a Master of Science in Production Management in Agriculture. Before and during his studies, he has worked in a horticultural and landscape gardening company for several years. As a freelancer, he worked as a planner and consultant for horticultural companies, advising on energy and sustainability issues. Peter Sänger’s family has been involved in horticulture since 1898.