Max Planck Innovation GmbH in Munich

Max Planck Innovation is responsible for technology transfer from the research institutes of the Max Planck Society, Germany's leading basic research organization.

With 12,400 employees and an annual budget of 1.38 billion euros, the Max Planck Society is the largest organisation for basic research in Germany. The research, which is conducted in the service of the general public in the natural sciences, life sciences, social sciences and the humanities, generates novel scientific knowledge and, moreover, often produces new innovations. The task of Munich-based Max Planck Innovation is to facilitate the transfer of these research results from the 80 Max Planck Institutes into products, which contribute to the economic and social progress, and to be the bridge between academia and the private sector for the Max Planck Society. 

Bringing science and industry together
In keeping with the slogan "Connecting Science and Business", Max Planck Innovation is a partner for both science and industry. It offers future-oriented businesses a central access point to the patented innovations of the Max Planck Institutes and negotiates and closes licence deals. As a partner for scientific staff at the Max Planck institutes, the technology transfer organisation provides advice and support in evaluating inventions and filing patent applications, as well as in setting up new companies based on a technology developed at a Max Planck institute.

Max Planck Innovation currently manages approximately 1,170 inventions. Every year about 150 new inventions, of which about half lead to patent applications, are evaluated. A total of 3,300 inventions were accompanied and about 1,900 licensing agreements have been completed since 1979. The company also manages stakes in 15 companies and has accompanied the launch of more than 90 start-up companies since 1990. The total revenue of all these activities for the inventors, the Max Planck Institutes and the Max Planck Society, totals approximately 280 million euros. All these factors combined make Max Planck Innovation one of the leading technology transfer organisations in the world.

A network of experts
Max Planck Innovation has been active for more than 40 years, and has built an extensive network in both science and industry, which includes scientific experts, company representatives, patent and tax lawyers as well as professional investors. The organisation has signed contracts with more than 200 different companies and negotiated with more than 35 investors for start-up capital. Building and maintaining such relationships is key to the organisation's success. Max Planck Innovation also works with other technology transfer organisations to develop professional standards and tools for technology transfer, both on a national and an international level.