AIRBUS Operations in Hamburg

Airbus, an EADS company, is the pride of the European aviation industry. The company sets industry standards with its leading technological innovations, commercial skills, and overall industry know-how, focusing on commercial as well as military markets.

Within 40 years, Airbus has become the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer with fully-owned subsidiaries around the globe and approximately 59,000 employees. More than 20,000 staff work at the German sites in Hamburg, Bremen, Stade and Buxtehude.

Germany is an important manufacturing location for Airbus, capitalising on a rich history in aircraft design and construction. The German headquarters in Hamburg plays a key role in the development and engineering of all Airbus aircrafts. All sites are in some way involved in important manufacturing processes, constructing the planes piece by piece. For instance, Hamburg is one of three final locations where the A320 Family aircrafts are assembled, painted, and delivered to clients.

Sustainability is an important issue for Airbus. After all, research has shown that the aviation industry contributes to 2 per cent of all man-made CO2 emissions. Airbus is vigorously trying to reduce its environmental footprint by developing new green technologies and reinterpreting current engines. In 2011 and 2012 they tested ‘Perfect Flight’, a commercial flight that combines all best practices currently available: operating a fuel-efficient aircraft, using sustainable alternative fuels and implementing a truly streamlined Air Traffic Management (ATM) system.