Clausthal Institute of Environmental Technologies (CUTEC)

With over 20 years of experience, the Clausthal Insitute of Environmental Technologies (CUTEC) is educating future talents in sustainable research, while simultaneously trying to link the sciences with industry.

The Clausthal Institute of Environmental Technologies (CUTEC) was founded by the German government in 1990 as an interdisciplinary institute. The institute aims to provide research of the highest level on energy and environmental studies while, simultaneously, acting as an intermediary between the sciences and industry. One of its defining goals is that all research conducted by CUTEC is meant for real world, practical, usage - also known as “applied research”. Sustainability, the environment, and environmental problems in developing countries are its key topics and research areas.

For over 20 years CUTEC has been at the forefront of sustainability and sustainable technologies. Their defining applied research topics include wastewater treatment, waste management, air pollution, recycling, and power generation. Thanks to their extensive portfolio and accompanying expertise, CUTEC has already carried out more than 2000 national and international environmental projects.

As a non-university affiliated research institute, CUTEC receives funding from many different funding bodies: from the European Commission, to the German Federal, and State Governments (including the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF).