Hamburg University of Technology

The Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), established in 1978, is an independent university specialised in the core disciplines of “classical” engineering. The TUHH has bundled its special expertise and strengths at the Centre for Research and Innovation in three fields of competence: Green Technologies, Life Science Technologies and Aviation and Maritime Systems.

The university aims at excellence by contributing to the development of the technological and scientific competence of society, at a national and international level. In its effort the university lives to be a platform of a strong international orientation next to its focus on its local environment.
Worth highlighting is that TUHH’s cooperation partners play an important role in the involvement of the work at the university. This joint commitment serves in equal measure to strengthen the technological disciplines and to boost the innovative power of the companies.

Green Technologies
Renewable energies, Systems – Storage – Grids, and Water and Environmental Engineering are the three core interests of research conducted in this field. The Renewable Energies research area deals with producing energy on and beneath the sea. Systems – Storage – Grids thrives to answer significant issues such as how fluctuating renewable can be stored and how they are to reach the end consumer. Furthermore, the department of water and environmental engineering is dedicated to the challenges of safe water supply, the water and soil conservation.

Life Science Technologies
Medical Technology, Biomaterials and Biological and Chemical Process Engineering are the main focuses of research in the centre for Life Science Technologies. Research topics in the field of medical technology range from engineering sciences on the information and communication technology to medical cyber-physical systems. Biomaterials deals with the development of new implants and material systems, laser structuring, as well as topics on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Moreover, the centre for Biological and Chemical Process examines issues of the industrial "white" biotechnology and food processing technology.

Aviation and Maritime Systems
The "Aviation and Maritime Systems" competence field brings the TUHH’s strengths in the research areas of aviation technology, marine technology and maritime structures, logistics and mobility to the fore. TUHH aviation technologists, for example, deal with aircraft systems, cabin and comfort, materials and production, aircraft design and air transport systems. The Maritime Systems and Structures research area investigates new approaches in marine technology and takes up the research challenges posed by harbour and waterways construction and coastal protection. The Mobility and Logistics research area connects the carriers’ ships and airplanes and deals with the development of mobility concepts and services, maritime logistics, and supply chain management.