Professor Hubert Weiger

Chairman of the Union for Environment and Nature Protection in Germany (BUND)

Prof. Dr Hubert Weiger studied forestry at the University of Munich and ETH Zurich.

After his PhD summa cum laude in 1986, Weiger started as a lecturer at the Comprehensive University Kassel (GHK). He became honorary professor of the department of City and Landscape Planning in 1994 and worked for the university until 2002. From then until 2011, he returned to Munich and lectured on nature conservancy politics at the department of Forestry and Resource Management at the Technical University (TU).

His work for BUND started early, as an authorised agent of the Union for Nature Protection in Bavaria (Bund Naturschutz in Bayern e.V.) for the region of North Bavaria (Nordbayern) in 1973. In April 2002, he became chairman of the Union for Nature Protection in Bavaria, the regional section of the BUND with the most members in Germany. After several positions at BUND, such as spokesman of the BUNDs working committee on agriculture and member of the scientific advisory council, he became chairman of BUND in 2007.

Hubert Weiger is a member of several organisations, including the presiding committee of the European Nature Heritage Fund (EuroNature), the advisory council of ‘Transparency International Deutschland e.V.’, the scientific advisory board for forest policy at the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, and – as appointed by the German government in 2013 – the Council for Sustainable Development. He was given the Bavarian states medal for merits to environment and health, was awarded with the silver Bavarian Constitution Medal, as well as the Federal Cross of Merit. In addition, he has written more than 600 publications.