Yauheniya SHERSHUNOVICH, PhD Student in Economics and National Economy Management (Belarus)

In her research, Yauheniya focuses on creating an index to assess the performance of electricity industry enterprises from the point of sustainable development. Through this, she aims to overcome the vertically integrated monopoly that currently represents the electricity industry in Belarus.


Research focus: sustainable development of the electricity enterprises in the Republic of Belarus, green economy, waste recycling

The assessment of the sustainable development of electricity industry enterprises represents some difficulties. Firstly, the concept of “sustainable development” is still relatively new, having only appeared at the end of 20th century, and thus still requires further research. Secondly, at present there is no existing unified set of indicators which assess the sustainable development of any enterprise. Furthermore, an additional aspect is found in the complexity and versatility of sustainable development itself and its numerous approaches for researchers.

Yauheniya analyses existing methodologies and indicators, which are connected with sustainable development of the energy sector, in order to develop an index of sustainable development of an electricity industry enterprise. She aims to define indicators that are repeated in the majority of methodologies and prove that they are of crucial importance for the sustainable development of the sector. Since the electricity industry is of great technical specificity, Yauheniya includes the technological field in her research alongside economic, social and ecological aspects. The final index will include 4 sub-indexes: economic, technological, social and ecological and will represent a balanced estimation of the sustainable development of the electricity industry enterprise. The index will help to define the current level of sustainable development in the Republic of Belarus as well as identify areas of concern. The index can become a valuable tool for decision-makers in the electricity industry to track the progress of enterprises towards sustainable development. During the Green Talents Science Forum, Yauheniya hopes to gain further insights into Germany’s energy strategy, which will help her to develop a sustainable one for Belarus.

The jury acknowledged the relevance of Yauheniya’s research to the energy supply in Belarus. The jury especially valued her theoretical research and practical steps taken to reach her sustainability goals in creating the index to assess the performance of the electricity industry enterprise from the point of sustainable development.