Dr Attila TÓTH, PhD in Landscape Architecture (Slovakia)

Dr Attila Tóth’s research is geared towards transforming cities into sustainable and resilient urban landscapes for a liveable and inclusive Europe. He is studying the environmental effectiveness of green infrastructure and nature-based solutions.


Research focus: implementation of green infrastructure and its ecosystem services as nature-based solutions in sustainable urban and rural development

Attila aims to solve urban and climatic challenges in urban conglomerates by building with nature. As a professional landscape architect and landscape planner, he is contributing to global sustainability research with green infrastructure and nature-based solutions in cities. Urban greenery, especially trees in streets, squares and green spaces, is usually the first port of call when looking to boost oxygen, wildlife and the sequestration of carbon. The term, however, also includes anything that helps to absorb, delay, and treat storm water and mitigate flooding and pollution downstream. Besides the environmental and economic achievements, urban greening also benefits human health through noise and dust reduction, clean air and spaces for well-being. Green infrastructure will play a key role in achieving the EU’s policy objectives for healthy urban ecosystems.

Attila is currently working as an assistant professor at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra in the field of landscape architecture. He has won several awards, including the BMW Award for Sustainability and Innovations, the Ernst Mach Scholarship, twice the Student Award for outstanding achievement in European Landscape Architecture Education from the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools, and twice the Student Personality of Slovakia award for excellent results in studies, science and research. He has authored and co-authored multiple scientific papers, which have appeared in well-known publications, such as the Urban Ecosystems published by Springer or Forestry Journal.

The jury acknowledged Attila’s personal and professional contribution towards cleaner cities and the high number of articles he has published on this topic. They especially valued his deep commitment to finding solutions for more green infrastructure and efforts to reduce the impact of pollution. Furthermore, his international experiences and interdisciplinary approach were highly appreciated.