Dr Linjun XIE (China)

Linjun’s research focuses on environmental governance and sustainable urbanisation. During her PhD, she contributed to the first systematic comparative analyses of the development of green economies between EU and China, in a collaborative research project that involved China, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and France.

PhD in Urban Sustainable Development

Current position: Assistant Professor in Sustainable Urbanism at Department of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China

Research focus: environmental governance and sustainable urbanisation

Linjun's project was focused on smart city and eco-city initiatives, and it contributed to identify the mechanisms through which societal innovations emerge in different socio-economic contexts.

Linjun has conducted extensive urban sustainability research on aspects such as sustainable transportation, green infrastructure development, and eco-city and smart-city initiatives. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher on an EU Horizon 2020 research project NATUREVATION on innovation and governance of nature-based solutions. Her research focuses on the urban biodiversity governance and the mainstreaming of nature-based solutions.

CV as submitted for the Green Talents award (2017):

Durham University, United Kingdom

Research focus: governance of urban sustainable developments – case studies of eco low carbon and smart cities

As an urban planner Linjun has conducted extensive urban sustainability research on aspects such as transport and green infrastructure. She has also carried out case studies on projects in Indonesia, the UK and China. Linjun is currently working on an international collaborative project entitled “Smart Eco-cities for a green economy”. It is a three-year programme in which five research teams from the UK, China, the Netherlands, Germany and France are collaborating. The project aims to provide the first systematic comparative analysis of green economy-focused smart city and eco-city initiatives in China and Europe. The various groups are carrying out in-depth studies in four cities in China and Europe. This project is closely linked to Linjun’s PhD research topic on the Governance of Urban Sustainable Developments. By engaging a wide range of actors in the urban transition towards sustainability, analysing stakeholders, and carrying out interviews, she will identify opportunities and pathways for shaping national and international urban and economic policy responses.

Linjun has won several international awards, such as a distinction from Cardiff University and “Best Presenter” at the ICSDGB 2017 Conference. She also received a full PhD scholarship from the University of Nottingham in China. In the future, Linjun aims to continue collaborating with other scientists to develop and implement specific solutions to make our planet a greener and healthier place.

The jury valued Linjun‘s enthusiasm and passion for collaborative urban projects between nations. Her list of achievements at such a young age, as well as her passion for sustainable research, impressed the jury. Being a Green Talents Awardee will expand her horizon in the efforts to accomplish her goals, and support her with meeting like-minded peers.