Sea Jin KIM, PhD Student in Environmental Science and Climate change (Republic of Korea)

Sea Jin Kim’s research focuses on climate change and disaster risks. Her objective is to conduct research using Geographic Information Systems and satellite data to provide decision makers, at a global level, with the information they need to combat climate problems and prevent the disastrous outcomes that they pose.


Research focus: disaster risk management, disaster risk reduction, climate change, forest fire, extreme precipitation

Sea Jin recognises that people will bear the brunt of climate change. She is studying disaster risk in order to determine better land management strategies and promote sustainability. With natural disasters posing greater threats to people around the world, Sea Jin’s research in developing disaster-related indicators and forecasting threats, such as forest fires, will be of immense value to vulnerable populations.

Sea Jin is currently based at Korea University and is a recipient of the Korean Society of Climate Change Research Best Paper award. She already has several peer reviewed publications to her name. She has examined the impact of climate change on the Andong-dam basin in great detail, and has classified climate zones. In doing so, she has made great progress in establishing the appropriate spatial models for assessing hydro-meteorological ecosystems. Presently, she is developing disaster-related indicators in order to contribute to assessing the progress of Sustainable Development Goals implementation. Earlier this year, she put her expertise into practice, as an intern for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization where she worked in support of the Global Forest Resources Assessment.

The jury was particularly impressed by Sea Jin‘s lifelong commitment to fighting climate change, not only as a scientist but also as an activist. Sea Jin plays a leading role in Korea’s green movement, as co-founder and President of “Green Environment Youth Korea (GEYK)”, an organisation that raises public awareness and supports environmentally-sustainable governmental policies.