Dr Bishnu Prasad BHATTARAI, PhD in Energy Technology (Nepal)

Dr Bishnu Prasad Bhattarai has been working for many years on improving the grid integration of renewable energy sources through the development of various smart grid technologies. His research is primarily focused on enhancing energy security and reliability of integrated electrical, transportation, and thermal energy systems.


Research focus: sustainable energy systems through integrated electrical, thermal and transportation energy system

Renewable energy technologies are key drivers for the transformation towards a sustainable society. Despite having several advantages, the application of renewable energies, such as solar and wind energy, still faces challenges in control, integration and power balancing due to weather dependency. Bishnu is developing algorithms and unique control architecture for advanced energy management. His adaptive control algorithms regulate energy when system stability, reliability or security is jeopardized. Multi-time-scale controllers regulate the limited amount of power generation from renewable sources during critical conditions and maintain system stability. This increases the hosting capacity of electric grids and therefore contributes to a higher share of green energy. As a secondary focus, Bishnu is investigating how electric vehicles can be integrated into a renewable energy based electrical system. He is developing an approach with an energy storage capability that supports intermittent generation from the solar and wind energy.

Bishnu Prasad’s scientific career has taken him around the world and he is thus at ease cooperating in international environments. He received his PhD from Aalborg University in Denmark and is now working as a postdoctoral research associate at the Idaho National Laboratory in the USA, where he has been researching energy security and the reliability of electrical grids. For his master’s degree, Bishnu studied at Tribhuvan University, Nepal and Osaka Sanyo University, Japan. For his research and academic excellence in his graduate studies, he was awarded the Gold Medal “Nepal Bhidya Bhusan” from the president of Nepal.

The jury valued Bishnu Prasad’s novel approach of integrated electrical, transportation and thermal energy systems, which are becoming a definitive solution for future energy supply in many countries. His work on sustainable alternatives for the transportation sector and its effect on the power supply system will help combat the major challenges in establishing renewable energies.