Georgina Esi TAKYI-ANNAN, Graduate Researcher in Architecture, M.Arch. (Ghana)

Georgina Esi Takyi-Annan dedicates herself to the question of how sustainable building design concepts can be successfully implemented in developing countries. In the past, she has worked on the maximization of natural lighting in students’ hostels through the use of design concepts. In her current research she intends to incorporate green concepts and sustainable architectural designs into affordable housing units in developing countries.


Research focus: green and sustainable design approach to achieving affordable housing in developing countries and West Africa

The availability, sustainability, and affordability of housing for people from all social classes play a significant role in the economic, social, and health development of every country. Sustainable and green building design also contributes to reducing the negative impacts that buildings have on the environment and on the health of occupants.

While researchers have devised and carried out much work on  green urban designs in various parts of the world, there has been no corresponding focus on these issues in West Africa and in developing countries in general, as Georgina states. In her scientific work, she therefore takes a closer look at these regions and on the aspects of affordability. The purpose of her research is to make housing affordable for all social classes through the implementation of green concepts and sustainable building designs. With this approach, she attempts to simultaneously address these challenges pertaining to housing deficit, lack of affordable housing and the negative impact of buildings on the environment, in West Africa and other developing countries. Against this background, Georgina will conduct a study on the concept and challenges of using green concepts to provide affordable housing in developing countries and integrate the study results into improvement strategies.

The jury had the impression that Georgina is pursuing her goal with her heart and soul, stressing that her research could help to raise awareness for sustainable architecture and also help to tackle some of the challenges that come with the implementation of green buildings. In addition, the weighting of the valuation was positively influenced by the fact that Georgina has already participated in many significant sustainability research projects.