Professor Edeltraud Guenther – PRISMA Centre for Sustainability Assessment and Policy at TU Dresden

"The decisive question for life on our planet will not be 'whether' it pays to be green, but 'how' it pays to be green. Green Talents develop innovative ideas that will shape our future: existing products will be challenged and new life styles will be promoted.”

Prof. Edeltraud Guenther graduated from the University of Augsburg with a degree in Business Administration. After a successful defense of her dissertation in the field of Environmental Management Control Systems, she was appointed as Professor of Environmental Management and Accounting at the Faculty of Business and Economics at Technische Universität Dresden, in 1996. Prof. Guenther gained wide international academic experience, after completing visiting professorships in several outstanding educational establishments worldwide, including Kobe University (Japan), University of Virginia (U.S.A) as well as Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST).

Sustainable and environmentally friendly management is Prof. Guenther’s main research focus. She has authored, co-authored and edited almost 200 articles and more than 60 books, focusing on successful environmental management. To contribute to the field of sustainable management, she founded the Centre for Performance and Policy Research In Sustainability Measurement and Assessment PRISMA in 2016. For more than 15 years Prof. Guenther has chaired the Environment Commission at TU Dresden and since 2015, she has been a member of the expert High-tech Forum "Sustainable Management", consulting the German Federal Government on implementing and advancing the new High-tech Strategy. Thanks to her outstanding academic skills and expansive research experience, Prof. Guenther advises numerous international institutions, including the European Union, German Federal and State Ministries, the Federal Environment Agency, the German Research Foundation as well as private sector actors on implementation of sustainable practices.