Professor Dr Anna-Katharina Hornidge – Director of the German Development Institute (DIE)

“The transformation of our production and consumption patterns towards a sustainable future requires creative minds and decision-makers, ‚green talents‘, to make it happen.”

Prof. Anna-Katharina Hornidge is director of the German Development Institute (Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik, DIE) and professor for Global Sustainable Development at the University of Bonn. Before joining DIE in March 2020, she held the chair position for "Social Sciences in the Marine Tropics" at the University of Bremen (UB) and head of department “Social Sciences” and the research group “Development and Knowledge Sociology” at the Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology (ZMT). In addition, she acts as an expert advisor in several advisory boards at national, EU and UN level. Anna-Katharina Hornidge studied Southeast Asian Studies at the universities of Bonn and Singapore (NUS) and received a PhD in Sociology at the universities of Berlin (TU Berlin) and Singapore (NUS).

Prof. Hornidge’s research mainly focuses on the social construction of knowledges, science, and technology studies. She is also working on natural resources governance and sustainability future studies. Her regional focus is on Southeast and Central Asia and Eastern Africa. She is concerned with major challenges such as questions on how to deal with the mutually reinforcing effects of environmental and climate change and social inequality. According to Prof. Hornidge, it is necessary to rethink the opportunities and limits of multilateralism, including questions of use and distribution in relation to the "global commons", and to develop infrastructures for transregional learning and exchange processes in the spirit of democratically negotiated common welfare.