Larissa MARCHIORI PACHECO, MSc in Business Management (Brazil)

Larissa holds a MSc in Business Management and is currently a PhD student on Business Strategy and Sustainability at FGV/EAESP in São Paulo, Brazil. She has a keen interest in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. With her research, she focuses on green innovation in Brazil´s energy sector.

Current position: PhD Student at FGV/EAESP, São Paulo, Brazil

Research focus: Green innovations and dynamic capabilities, corporate sustainability

Larissa´s study contributes to the growing demand of a green economy and points out that Brazilian energy companies need to react rapidly to change in the energy sector by exploring renewable sources. She is working as a Teaching Assistant at FGV/EAESP and participating in a research project in partnership with the Global Compact to investigate the integration of SDGs in the Business Strategy of firms in the Brazilian electricity sector.

In 2015 Larissa was chosen as a Green Talent. From March to May 2016 she conducted research at the Ecologic Institute in Germany. During her research stay, she gave support to on-going projects related to smart cities, water resources management, resource efficiency and other related topics. This experience allowed her to be in touch with advanced knowledge on topics that are still underdeveloped in her home country.

2014 Incluir Project – Case studies writing on Inclusive Businesses in Brazil, with support from the United Nations Development Program

CV as submitted for the Green Talents award (2015):


Research focus: Ideas for Green Innovation in Brazil’s renewable energy sector

During her Bachelor’s in Business Management, Larissa Marchiori Pacheco developed a real interest in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development. She seeks to contribute to the growing issue of Green Business.

Having begun her academic career in Business Management, Larissa’s move towards the Sustainability sector has offered her a unique insight into the challenges faced by companies and policy makers attempting to build a Green Economy. She is currently doing her Master’s research in Innovation and Sustainability; in which she combines studies on Sustainability, Innovation and Environmental Public Policies. Larissa really values the interdisciplinary nature of her subject matter, “In my point of view, the opportunity to embrace different themes in my research makes it even richer and enhances the application of the results in the political and business contexts.”

Larissa is seeking to understand company attitudes towards Sustainable Development and the limitation of natural resources. The key focus of Larissa’s work is on Green Innovation in Brazil’s energy sector. Green Innovation is when projects and initiatives can reduce negative environmental impacts and maximize potential benefits for the environment while still generating a profit in the respective market. According to Larissa, Brazilian companies need to respond rapidly to the changes of the energy sector by exploring new renewable sources. She points out that these energy companies, even though they belong to multinationals, need to understand the specific demands of the Brazilian environment. This is why her Brazil-specific study is crucial.

Similar studies to hers regarding sustainability in the Energy sector have been carried out in Germany. This fact, as well as the European Union’s Eco-Innovation Action Plan, was key a factor in Larissa’s decision to apply for the Green Talents Forum.

The jury were impressed by Larissa’s precocious commitment and understanding of her topic. She has already published several studies and is working diligently to develop research that is relevant and can be implemented in industrial sectors.