Dr Meng Nan CHONG (Malaysia)

At Monash University Malaysia, Meng Nan is exploring the possibilities of interfacing nanotechnology with photoreactor engineering, to develop innovative PhotoFuelCell technology to improve energy and water environmental-related issues.

PhD in Engineering

Current position: Associate Professor at Monash University Malaysia, Malaysia

Research focus: nanotechnology, environmental photocatalysis, sustainable and water technology, water resources management and sustainability

In 2016 Meng Nan was awarded the prestigious Newton Advanced Fellowship from the Royal Society of the United Kingdom. The fellowship together with a research grant allows Meng Nan to work collaboratively with researchers from the University College of London on solar hydrogen energy production through photo electrochemical technology.

2016 International Society of Electrochemistry Travel Award for Young Electrochemists
2015 Established the Water Conservation Science & Engineering Journal as Editor-in-Chief

CV as submitted for the Green Talents award (2015):

Monash University Malaysia, Malaysia

Research focus: researching nanotechnology for the sustainable development of renewable energy and water purification

Since obtaining his PhD in Engineering from the University of Adelaide, Meng Nan Chong has worked as a Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at the Monash University Malaysia. His focus on nanotechnology is providing new insight into the sustainable development of renewable energy and water purification.

Nanotechnology is one of the 21st century’s scientific frontiers. It involves the manipulation on atomic and molecular matters at a nano-scale dimensional level that can bring enormous benefits to society. In his research, chemical engineer Meng Nan Chong is interfacing nanotechnology with photoreactor engineering in improvising innovative solutions to resolve energy and environmental-related issues. Having already established the research, Meng Nan maintains that this research can also be implemented to purify water sources and, while doing so, produce hydrogen energy. He anticipates that this research will provide the “best sustainable solution to resolve the on-going water-energy nexus”.

In addition, Meng Nan is also investigating sustainable water technologies and best management practices for developing water sensitive cities. So far, he has been involved in multiple urban water projects in Australia and Malaysia that investigate the quantity and quality of alternative source waters for sustainable development. Through his research, he was able to advise cities on urban water planning and associated issues.

Now as a Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor and Research Leader at Monash University Malaysia, Meng Nan is developing his ideas among other academics by heading up the Sustainable Water Alliance on the campus. He is also on the editorial team for four scientific journals.

Meng Nan recognises Germany’s position as one of the global research powerhouses in sustainable development, specifically appealing to his research interests in nanotechnology and sustainable water management. His goal is to become a prominent researcher in sustainability science will mean that he can offer experience and expertise to develop a greener environment for his home country, Malaysia.

The jury was enthusiastic about the extensive list of papers that Meng Nan has written and the clear focus that he brings to his work on sustainability.